Advocacy and Community Outreach

Through our advocacy and outreach committee, we expect to continue to improve all aspects of pet care through respecting, appreciating, and understanding the value of animal life.

Our hope is to educate the community and our leaders about the various ways to be more responsible and compassionate in regards to animal lives.

It is also our hope and desire to meet the needs of the dogs and cats that are surrendered, abandoned, injured, sick, abused or neglected.  That obviously takes time and energy and a constant focus on the future while meeting the needs of the present.



The reality is grim but with our work to enhance the respect and dignity given to companion animals in our community, we hope that one day, animals will not be discarded like trash and their lives be minimized.



We periodically visit elementary schools and teach lessons that correspond with the Alabama State Department of Education Course of Study Standards.


Teaching lesson


We have been successful in implementing through advocacy and solid working relationships a pet licensing program for the city of Florence.

PAWS members regularly volunteer at the shelters Dogs ready for transportto assist with the care of the shelter animals and help the staff during times of transition and need.

In addition, PAWS has assisted in facilitating transfer of shelter animals to rescue partners in other regions of the country.

We would love to have volunteers that can help spread the word about our causes!  If you are interested in volunteering for advocacy and community outreach, click HERE.